How to take Imcon pill, price and side effects, where to get it

How to take Imcon Pills

Every medicine should be consumed knowing its rules. From this page you can know how to take Imcon Pill. You can know the side effects of taking Imcon Pills from here.

When a man has intercourse with a woman without protection, a thought comes between them, and Imcon pills are given to women to get rid of these thoughts, or to prevent pregnancy.

Imcon Pill is a tablet. And its proper feeding rule is intercourse within 72 hours. For those of you who have intercourse at unsafe times, this is the emergency Imcon pill. But care should be taken within 72 hours. Risk is lower if consumed within 55 or 56 hours.

What is the price of Imcon pill? where to get

What is the cost of Emergency Imcon Pill? You can find out from here. Basically women consume to prevent pride from having unprotected sex. Its generic name is ketoconazole and its formulation is tablet and its trade name is Imcon.

Now in the digital era you can find Emergency Imcon Pill in all pharmacies from big market to small market. However, its price can be only 70 or 80 rupees within your reach. But you can collect it by contacting the pharmacy doctor.

Imcon Pill Side Effects

Basically, there are many medicines in the medicine market, in which there are many side effects, but you can take Imcon Pill on the doctor’s advice to see if there are any side effects of Imcon Pill. If this medicine is consumed regularly, signs of side effects may occur. This is because women often have irregular periods, and taking the medicine during that time can cause adverse reactions.

Therefore, before taking the medicine, you can take it as per the doctor’s advice. This will benefit you.


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